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About us

The Aesop NGO, founded in the vibrant city of Belgrade in 2012, stands as a beacon of transformative action. Our mission is to actively engage in social processes, champion informal education, and extend unwavering support through creative endeavors. Our goal? To elevate the standing of individuals within society and cultivate positive change.

At the heart of our dynamic initiatives lie a diverse array of cultural, social, and educational activities. From captivating workshops, training sessions, and seminars to exciting trips, compelling exhibitions, and research – we’re on a mission to inspire, educate, and shape a brighter future.

Our focal points encompass education, art, culture, creative industries, urban planning, and tourism. We passionately channel our efforts toward both vulnerable and less vulnerable groups, fostering social inclusion and encouraging citizen participation in art, cultural activities, and urban planning.

The driving force behind our impactful organization is a collective of highly educated individuals. Our team, comprising master’s, bachelor’s, and Ph.D. holders, boasts a spectrum of expertise spanning education, visual arts, graphic and web design, editing, digital marketing, SEO, pedagogy, urban design, urban planning, cultural tourism, and management.

Aesop NGO isn’t just an organization; it’s a community of dedicated professionals committed to making a meaningful difference. Join us on this journey of empowerment, creativity, and positive change. Together, let’s shape a brighter tomorrow.

Jelena Koštica is one of the founders of the Aesop Association and its legal representative. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and completed her master’s studies at a university in London. Currently, she is pursuing a doctoral degree in Art and Design at the Faculty of Arts and Design. In addition to participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions and festivals in the country and abroad, she is also involved in educating children and youth. She is a co-author of three textbooks on visual culture for primary school, a manual called “Creative Workshops” aimed at parents and educators, as well as other educational materials. She has worked as a professor at the Belgrade Art School for Design and New Media, teaching subjects such as poster design, typography, and print technology. She has implemented numerous projects and workshops for children and youth, including those without parental care. More at: https://kosticajelena.wixsite.com/portfolio

Ana Jokić, a graduate defectologist and speech therapist, is also one of the founders of the Aesop Association. She focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating voice, speech, and language disorders. She graduated from the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation in Belgrade. She has implemented numerous projects and workshops for children and youth, including those without parental care.

Dragana Kostica is a co-founder of the Aesop Association. She holds a master’s degree in Cultural Policy and Management in Culture and Media from the University of Arts (Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, UNESCO Department) in Belgrade. She holds a PhD in Urban Planning from the Hafencity University in Hamburg. Additionally, Dragana is the founder and editor of the digital platform Still in Belgrade and leads walking art and cultural tours. More at: https://stillinbelgrade.com/ and https://hcu-hamburg.academia.edu/DraganaKostica

Goran Ratković is a graduate graphic designer specializing in print technology and the application of design solutions in media and marketing communication. As a team member, team leader, or independent contractor, he has implemented numerous projects in almost all design disciplines. Besides design, he also engages in drawing and illustration as needed, both manually and with computer assistance. He is also involved in the field of education, including co-authoring textbooks on visual culture for various grade levels and leading creative art workshops for preschool and school-age children as part of a project supported by the Ministry of Science and Education. He has served as a teacher at the Belgrade Art School for Design and New Media, teaching subjects such as graphic design, typography, and book design. He has also worked as a lecturer at the School of Journalism of the Association of Journalists of Serbia, focusing on newspaper graphic preparation. More at: https://goranratkovich.wordpress.com/

Andjela Taskovic, a Belgrade-based designer, is currently working in an Architectural Bureau while pursuing a Master’s in Spatial Design at the College of Fine and Applied Arts.

Her research spans interior, urban, and product design, and conceptual art, drawing inspiration from minimalism, modernism, European contemporary art, and everyday life issues. Her works have been showcased at furniture fairs, emphasizing resilience and reuse, earning her recognition for designing recycled plastic products. Additionally, she has participated in various group and solo exhibitions.


Ivana Milošević, graduate pedagogue

Dragana Gajret, Master of Economics

Daliborka Jovanović, law graduate